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Have you seen this? Otteroo gives babies as young as 8 weeks independent mobility

Posted at 12:50 PM, Jun 23, 2017

It's unlike any other "floatie" you've seen before. The Otteroo is a new way to give your baby or young child some independent mobility. Plus, it could help make the transition to swimming easier. Researchers are also currently conducting studies to see what effects the Otteroohas on motor and psychological development with many experts thinking it may bring those advancements sooner in the child's life.

We met with Julie Forbes, a mother who uses and promotes the Otteroo, and spoke with David Anderson, a researcher studying the psychological and motor developmental effects of the device. Plus, Leigh Ann and I got to try the Otteroo out with our own young kids Bronson and Daphne to see how they would react.