Man killed after stepping into traffic

Posted at 12:18 AM, Jun 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-22 00:18:33-04

KENTWOOD, Mich. — A man was hit by a mini-van and killed in Kentwood after stepping into traffic Wednesday evening.

Kentwood police say they got the call sometime after 10 p.m. They say a man in his 60s was standing at the corner of Eastern Avenue and 48th Street when he stepped into traffic. He was hit by a mini-van.

Police are saying they think the man may have been trying to cross the street, but are still investigating to know for sure. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Soon after the initial crash, a second crash involving a car and a moped occurred near the intersection. Police say it was a reaction to the other crash. Both drivers involved in this one were treated and released at the scene.

Police say the driver of the mini-van is a woman who says she didn’t see the man in front of her until it was too late. No citations have been issued at this time.