Man with knife crashes through windshield during fight on Kansas City bus

Posted at 11:24 AM, Jun 13, 2017

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A fight between two men on a Kansas City bus Saturday night ended with one man stabbed and both men going through the bus windshield.

Surveillance video shows a woman who was sitting across the aisle from the men take two small children to a rear exit of the bus as the men continued brawling next to the driver.

They crash into the front windshield, shattering it, and at one point both are hanging out the front of the bus as one them holds a knife.

Police have not announced any arrests.

FOX 4 showed the video to bus passengers who were shocked by the way things played out, but not necessarily surprised by bad behavior on the bus.

“The fact that happened is not a surprise to me when you have people who are on drugs and hop on the bus, who are tweaking and intermingling with the public and people have children, it’s a safety issue and it needs to be addressed promptly," Lloyonda Johnson said.

“No matter how it started no matter who is to blame for it, you still got to conduct yourself in a manner of way you could talk about it, rather than fight," Marquand Stockdale said.

Last year the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority signed a contract with Kansas City police to add two full-time police officers to man buses for extra security. They also hired a Public Safety Manager.

A KCATA spokesperson stressed 15 million passengers ride the bus each year, and they experience approximately 15 violent incidents, many of which aren’t nearly extreme as the video.