Rain in forecast much of the week

Posted at 11:54 AM, Jun 12, 2017

WEST MICHIGAN- It’s been a while since we’ve got a good, soaking rain.  We avoided any heavy rain much of this weekend, and when you combine that with the heat and sunshine we’ve seen, fire dangers are going up.

This frontal system to our north is going to be responsible for quenching our lawns’ and gardens’ thirst over the coming days.  This morning and even in the early afternoon hours, we’ve dealt with a few showers and thunderstorms.  If you drove 30 miles south, you’re in full sunshine.  I would expect this to be very indicative of what we’re going to encounter the next few days.

A timeline for this evening and tomorrow with Future Track shows a line of showers and thunderstorms moving in around I-96 and areas northward.

Another line of showers and thunderstorms is expected pre dawn on Tuesday, but this will be the majority of the rain Tuesday.  Even as this front lingers, there will be a chance.  But, as I often say, don’t get hung up on the icons on your phone.  I’m playing in a charity golf tournament on Tuesday, and I fully expect to complete it without issue.  There may be a pop up storm that we need to take a break for 30 min or so for, but that would be the extent of it.  This is how you should plan your day as well.  Have a plan B ready in case, but stay hydrated and enjoy the day otherwise.