Kids paint all over their teacher’s car

Posted at 4:47 PM, Jun 09, 2017

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A total of 26 students at Knapp Forest Elementary painted one of their teacher's cars today, and they weren't doing it to be naughty.

Sharon Tabaczka -- known as "Mrs. T." to her students -- allowed the third graders in Mrs. Colleen Buddy's class paint her car as a reward for good behavior and hard work. "They worked really hard in the art room being kind to each other, being compassionate towards each other," said Tabaczka. "They helped each other out, and they're so creative!"

She told the students to feel love in their hearts, and then paint what they're feeling onto her car. "Students need a venue, a place, a canvas to be who they are and express themselves," said Tabaczka. "So expressing themselves on a car is really unique and I think they'll probably remember this for the rest of their life."

"I wrote 'begin life with a smile,' because smiling makes people happy," said Brenden McGraw, a third grade student in Mrs. T's art class.

Tabaczka says she will drive her Toyota Matrix around town with the students' art designs painted on it until the rain washes it off.