Mom charged with duct taping son to chair and going to pool

Posted at 12:17 PM, Jun 08, 2017

BOARDMAN, Ohio -- An Ohio woman is facing charges of child endangerment for reportedly duct-taping her son to a chair.

Susan Malysa made her first appearance in court on Tuesday, WKBN reported.

Police said her mother called them after finding her grandson in the basement of her daughter's home. She told police she wanted to take the boy to lunch and became concerned when her daughter told her she wasn't allowed.

"The child had duct tape around each ankle, duct taping him to the chair," Sgt. Charles Hillman, Boardman Police, told WKBN. "He had his hands or wrists duct taped together. And he had a piece of duct tape across his mouth."

The boy told police he wasn't there long, but he was cold and shaking.

Police said when they arrived, they found a roll of tape and scissors nearby. The boy, 11, was cut loose and is okay.

Police went looking for Malysa and found her at the YMCA.

"She was swimming in the outdoor pool with her younger daughter," Sgt. Hillman said.

In court, Malysa, 32, tried to explain herself to the judge.

"Can I speak about it?" she said.

"No," the judge replied. "Now is not the time to speak about the incident.

Malysa was given a $10,000 bond and is not allowed to have contact with either of her children.

They are being cared for by relatives.

Malysa is due back in court next week.

Police say they plan to question her son about allegations that Malysa hit him with a hammer last year.