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Morning Buzz: Happy National Doughnut Day!

Posted at 9:10 AM, Jun 02, 2017

1. It’s National Doughnut Day!

According to the Salvation Army website, 2017 marks 100 years since the work of the original “Doughnut Lassies,” the women who were Salvation Army Officers, are credited with making doughnuts popular by serving them to soldiers during World War I.

The Salvation Army is encouraging customers to share one as a reminder of their social media campaign #GivingIsSweet.

2. The USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier has made its way to the U.S. Navy in Virginia.

It was delivered on Wednesday, after successfully completing acceptance trails on Monday. The ship is the first aircraft carrier to join the Navy’s fleet since 2009.

The U.S.S. Ford will be commissioned to the fleet later this year and be fully operational in 2020.

The carrier is named after former president Ford, who’s from Grand Rapids, and served in the Navy. The ship is expected to serve for 50 years.

3. A woman from the east side of the state found a massive spider in her son’s room, but it wasn’t native to the United States.

Jillian duke found it when she put her son down for a nap, and she was so scared that she called her dad to come over and kill it. Afterwards she took it to an expert to have it identified.

Turns out, it was an Australian Huntsman Spider. They eat insects and rarely bite humans, but if they do it can be very painful an d harmful to kids.

They tend to accidentally travel with fruits or plants shipped to local grocery stores.

Duke said she doesn’t regret having the spider killed, because she didn’t want it in her son’s room.

4. Watson’s now has two West Michigan locations; they opened their brand new store in Kalamazoo over Memorial Day weekend.

They’re also giving away a $1,000 gift card to be used at their Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids store. Just go to and click on “Grand Opening Sale” to register.

5. A 12-year-old girl from Fresno, California, came out on top in the 2017 National Spelling Bee.

Anan-Ya Vinay won the contest by correctly spelling “marocain,” which is a type of dress fabric.

She was going head-to-head against an 8th grader from Oklahoma in the final round. They were the last two competitors, out of almost 300.

According to CNN, she spelled 35 words correctly.