Woman accused of killing husband on Valentine’s Day returns to court

Posted at 9:35 PM, May 31, 2017

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — The Boer family said they’d been waiting a long time for Janel Boer’s preliminary hearing. She’s accused of shooting and killing their relative and her husband Greg Boer on Valentine's Day. Wednesday they got to see her in person for the first time in months and heard detectives describe what they saw that tragic day.

“They had a brief conversation that turned into an argument where she told me she slapped him on top of the head,” said Det. Sgt. Warren Misner recalling what Janel told him that February day. “At that point he became very enraged she said, in her words ‘crazy'.”

Det. Sgt. Misner went on to say that Janel, 43, told him Greg then got a gun and allegedly shot her in the arm. She lost consciousness because of is impact. And when she awoke she saw that her 35-year-old husband was dead.

"She found greg lying with the comforter that was on the bed pulled up over him, or at least up to his face,” said Det. Sgt. Misner of Kalamazoo County. “And that she saw him in a pool of blood.”

Fellow county detective James Dunlop saw that pool of blood and investigated it. He said during the following days of the investigation there were a few things that gave him reason to pause, like the entrance wound on Greg’s face.

“He had family members there, so I sent the detectives out to inquire whether he was right or left handed,” said Det. Sgt. Dunlop. “They indicated that Greg was right-handed. And again that's something that’s generally inconsistent is to have an entrance wound on the opposite side of the body like that.”

Detectives said there were a number of inconsistencies with Ms. Boer’s account. Her  defense team argued each one them, saying that she was also physically and verbally abused by Greg. Court proceedings lasted for most of the afternoon. The judge in the end adjourned the preliminary hearing until June 9th.