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Summit Point Roofing use high quality materials, making roof last “a lifetime”

Posted at 12:01 PM, May 25, 2017

When it comes to putting a new roof on the house, research points to Summit Point Roofing for providing the best customer service and a long-lasting roof.

Summit Point Roofing takes pride in using nothing but the best materials to make sure a roof lasts a lifetime.

Todd went over to one of their job sites to learn more about the installation process, and the types of materials they use to make a top quality roof.

Summit Point Roofing uses all their materials from GAF, a roofing materials and shingles company that's been around for 115 years. These materials are classified as tier one, meaning that they will last a very long time. Also if the roof is damaged within the 50 year warranty, GAF will pay and take care of repairs.

Summit Point Roofing brings high quality customer service into the installation process as well. If something on the house or on the property is damaged during construction, they will cover the damages.

Summit Point Roofing is located at 6352 East Fulton Street in Ada.

To schedule a free estimate or to get more information visit or call (616)-622-6343.

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