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Morning Buzz: Speed limit increases to 75mph

Posted at 11:37 AM, May 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-01 10:39:55-04

1. Fox 17 was among the hundreds of people who marched for babies in Caledonia on Saturday.

The walk benefits March of Dimes, which helps families impacted by premature births and much more.

The event reached their goal of over $200,000, with all the money raised going to fund research in areas like autism, diabetes, cancer and miscarriage.

New to the event this year were events like the superhero sprint, as well as a wishing tree and memory garden.

The next event is on May 6 in Muskegon. For more details on that event, visit

2. Over 1,500 new furry family members have new homes after another successful Empty the Shelters event.

The event was sponsored by the Bissell Pet Foundation, who covered the adoption fees at 65 rescues and shelters across the state.

Over 700 dogs and 800 cats were adopted.

3. The Michigan DNR is holding its “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” session this summer, and spots are filling up fast.

The state program is designed to help women improve their outdoor sporting skills. It also offers women a relaxed and non-competitive atmosphere to learn more than 24 activities like kayaking and fishing.

The event runs from June 2-4, with the registration fee costing $195.

Registration cost $195.

4. The speed limit is increasing on specific parts of US 131 to 75 miles an hour.

The change was mandated in a new state law passed last year, requiring speed limits on some state roads to be set based on how fast 85 percent of traffic is moving.

It mostly impacts more rural stretches of highway, including sections between M-57 in Cedar Springs, and the end of the freeway in Manton.

Other current 55 mile per hour state highways will also increase to 65.

5. Two 8th graders in Wisconsin put fast food to the test at their local science fair in an effort to curb preservative intake.

The two girls bought cheeseburgers and French friend from seven restaurants in the Green Bay area two and a half years ago, then stored the food in open jars at stable temperature. They found that only one of the cheeseburgers showed signs of bacteria growth.

Then the girls made their own cheeseburger and fries without any preservatives, and found that it got moldy very fast.

Their experiment was a hit, because they took first place at their science fair.