Copperhead snake bites man inside Arkansas Walmart

Posted at 9:39 PM, Mar 31, 2017

JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – A copperhead snake bit a man Friday inside an Arkansas Walmart store, according to KTHV.

However, surveillance video later showed the man himself bringing the venomous snake into the store, a Walmart spokesperson told the station.

No one else was injured, but the snake sighting caused pandemonium, according to customer Linda Moore Mathews, who snapped a photo of the reptile as it lay coiled in the middle of a produce aisle and posted it on Facebook. “Everyone was freaking out,” Mathews said. Another woman recorded video of a man finally catching the copperhead and placing it in a Walmart bag.

The snake was de-fanged, which is usually done to snakes kept as pets, according to Jacksonville Animal Control, but the venomous glands weren’t removed.

The man was taken to an area medical center for treatment according to KTHV; his condition is not yet known.

In spring of 2016, a copperhead bit a customer in a North Carolina Lowe’s gardening department: