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Picking a bourbon that’s right for you

Posted at 11:41 AM, Mar 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-28 11:41:22-04

When it comes to selecting the right whiskey for a gift, party, or just for the bar at home, the options can be overwhelming.

D. Schulers's Fine Wine and Spirits not only has an amazing selection of bourbon, but also the knowledge first and long-time whiskey drinkers need to make the right selection.

Bourbon is at least 51 percent corn mash, made in the United States, and has to be stored in a new charred American Oak barrel. Every time a new whiskey is created, the barrel has to be charred again so that none of the flavor from the last brew will blend with the new one.

Bourbon also comes in what is called "single barrel" variety. The term is used for a bourbon that comes from a single barrel as opposed to a mix of bourbons coming from different barrels.

For first time whiskey drinkers, here's a list of bourbons to start with:

  • Buffalo Trace: A go-to for first time bourbon drinkers. Buffalo Trace has a good balance of caramel and vanilla notes, along with some oak.
  • Maker's Mark: A great gateway for people who don't typically like whiskey. Maker's Mark is a sweeter bourbon and doesn't have a lot of kick to it because it's made with wheat.
  • Elijah Craig: A sweet and spicy bourbon, made with a little bit more oak than the other brands.

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