Finding Cody his Forever Home

Posted at 4:54 PM, Mar 28, 2017

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. -- Thousands of children and teens in Michigan are hoping to be adopted, living in the the foster care system. As FOX 17 continues its Forever Home series, we introduce you to one fifth grader with a positive spirit.

Cody, 11, is a fifth grader who shared some of his dreams: though unsure which team, he dreams of playing as an NFL running back or becoming an engineer, but first finding his forever family.

He showed off his skateboarding skills Tuesday at the Grand Haven skatepark, with his Spider-Man board in tow.

"I like Spider-Man," said Cody.

Just like his favorite superhero, Cody says he's an athlete who's fast, especially on the football field.

“We have to do practice all through the week, and then we do games on the weekends," he said of his football team.

Cody is smart and says his favorite subject in school is math, especially addition. And he's got spunk, rattling facts about space and Pluto.

"[Pluto is] the furthest away from the sun, so it's really cold," said Cody.

He would be brave enough to travel to space one day and says he would like to become an engineer. His inspiration? Legos.

"I can build anything," said Cody. "I can build spaceships and a bunch of other stuff."

Before these dreams, first Cody would like to find his adoptive family. He'd like to "have fun," and play board games, trivia (especially about sports), and spend time outdoors with an older sibling and parents one day.

As he taught FOX 17 tricks on his skateboard, Cody needs a family who will teach him just like he teaches us.

If you would like to learn more about Cody, or how to adopt him, please call his adoption agency Orchards Children's Services at: 1-(855)-694-7302.