James Corden reveals the game he’d play with Donald Trump on his show

Posted at 3:21 AM, Mar 26, 2017

(CNN) — Donald Trump has never visited “The Late Late Show,” but if he did, James Corden knows exactly what game he’d play.

It’s called “Stand By It or Take It Back.”

“When [Trump] was running for president, he didn’t stop by our show, but I felt like we had the absolute game to play with Donald Trump,” said Corden, who was responding to a question posed by an audience member during a panel in Los Angeles as part of television festival PaleyFest.

The point of the game was to have Trump confront some of the statements he made on the campaign trail, Corden said.

Trump would be given two paddles and choose whether to defend his words or “take it back forever,” Corden explained.

“I felt like that was such a good game,” Corden said. “But he never came by.”

Panel moderator Bradley Whitford quipped: “He could do Spill Your Guts.”

Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts is a recurring game on “The Late Late Show” in which guests have to chose between truthfully answering embarrassing or controversial questions or eating or drinking an unsavory item, like fish eyes, for example.

Corden also took the moment to defend fellow late night host Jimmy Fallon, whose own interview with Trump came under scrutiny for what some criticized as unsubstantial. (Remember that hair moment?)

Corden said the criticism was “unfair.”

“I felt like it was really unfair because I don’t think anyone asked him the right questions [at the time],” Corden said. “I don’t think anyone who had him on his shows took him to task or asked him the questions that needed to be [asked].”

Corden added that he doesn’t see “The Late Late Show” as a “political show,” but “we’re definitely not, not a political show.”

He pointed to a video that aired back in January following the implementation of Trump’s travel ban as an example of their approach to political issues.

The segment chronicled Corden’s journey through security at the airport and ended with a message that called for policies that ensured easy travel for “all legal immigrants” and “not just the white and Christian ones.”

“So the way we balance it is we try to always talk about it, but then we don’t want to be obsessed with it,” he said.

Corden said viewers of his show “would know where we stand.”