Woman charged with embezzlement, obstruction for allegedly stealing from Flint Kids Charity

Posted at 7:15 AM, Mar 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-20 11:26:44-04

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced additional charges against Dian Stephens, 53, of Flushing. Stephens in 2016 was charged with six felony embezzlement charges for misusing funds intended for her children’s charity Flint Kids Charity.

“This woman claimed she wanted to help Flint kids, but instead it appears she used her charity as a front to bolster herself personally,” said Schuette. “This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated and instead of facing up to her alleged actions, Ms. Stephens allegedly continued to try and shirk the law. In a city that has already suffered so much, I take any allegations very seriously.”

Stephens, in total, is charged with one county of obstruction of justice, three felony counts of embezzlement from a nonprofit or charitable organization and three five-year counts of embezzlement-agent or trustee.

“Unfortunately, this person allegedly used a fake charity to raise money, diverted funds for personal use and gave false evidence to thwart justice,” said Richard Kalm, MGCB executive director. “The MGCB wants people held accountable for illegal behavior so they don’t taint charities that do the right thing. We enforce Michigan laws to protect the public and the integrity of the games. We also seek restitution for those who may be harmed by any illegal charitable gaming-related behavior.”

A preliminary hearing for Stephens is set for March 23 in the 67th District Court in Flint and Judge William Crawford will be presiding.