Perfect match: Local couple’s love saved woman’s life

Posted at 11:40 PM, Mar 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-19 23:51:45-04

HUDSONVILLE, Mich. — A couple living in Hudsonville is coming up on a very special anniversary this week. Not for their wedding but the day a man literally gave a piece of himself to the love of his life.

In fact the couple is calling March 21st their “Kidney-Versary”. That’s the day Mike Frias gave donated one of his kidneys to Natalie Russo.

“Yes, we are definitely kidney mates, says Natalie Russo. It’s our kidney-versary coming up on Tuesday.”

They actually met on and after just a few dates they say it was clear they had something special. A relationship that was really a life saver.

“The day that we had the surgery, that was when I knew that this is going to be my wife and I would do anything for her.” says Mike Frias.

Mike’s devotion to Natalie is amazing. He’s sticking by her side by having a part of him be a part of her.

“It’ll be a great story for my children to know,” says Mike Frias. “That I was part of giving your mom a second life.”

Natalie says she’ll never forget the devotion Mike showed her just weeks after they began dating. When she learned she would need a new kidney.

Mike never left her side, even proposed to her in the hospital. And as they found out, they were not only a perfect match on the dating site, but also a kidney match.

“I mean it’s a lot, you’re giving an organ to somebody.” says Natalie. “You are changing their life, you’re saving their life. You are giving them that second chance.”

Natalie is a trainer at Title Boxing in Kentwood and on March 25th the gym is having a special fundraising event.

“Title boxing in Kentwood is having 'Crack the Coach.' So ,every dollar you put in the bucket the coach has to do a burpee.” Says Natalie.

Natalie says she hopes to make every March a fundraiser event at Title Boxing.

For more information about Saturday's fundraising event click here.