Men beat diner with his own cane after victim offered to pay for their meal

Posted at 7:41 PM, Mar 17, 2017

NEW YORK – One man has been charged and four others are wanted after they allegedly beat and robbed a New York City restaurant patron, police said.

On Thursday, police announced the arrest of 21-year-old Kariem Roberts, who now faces four counts of robbery along with charges of gang assault and menacing in the March 1 attack.

The victim, 37-year-old Joseph Molohon, was eating at Texas Chicken and Burgers in Brooklyn when the group turned on him, police said. Molohon told WPIX the argument started when he offered to pay for one of the suspects who said he was short on cash.

"He just went ballistic on me. He took my cane and hit me over the head," Molohon said.

When he tried to defend himself, the man, along with several others, punched, kicked and beat Molohon with his cane, police said.

"They fractured my nose going downward. They busted my head," Molohon said.

After the attackers ran away, a fifth man entered the restaurant, rummaged through Molohon's pockets and stole his belongings, according to police.

EMS responded and took Molohon to the hospital where he was treated for broken bones, contusions and lacerations.

Police continue to search for the other suspects in the attack.