Netflix to do away with its five-star rating system

Posted at 8:09 PM, Mar 16, 2017

Are you one of the fastidious binge-watchers who consistently rate Netflix shows and movies? If so, get ready for a major change.

The company announced Thursday that Netflix will be ditching the five-star rating system in favor of a “thumbs up, thumbs down,” according to The Verge.

Vice President of Product Todd Yellin announced at a press briefing Thursday that the change is expected to happen in April. Netflix will also include a percentage below the title showing the likelihood of a viewer enjoying a show or movie, according to the entertainment giant’s algorithms.

Research has also shown that subtitles aren’t turning most viewers off, so people of similar tastes – despite living in different countries and speaking different languages – will see the same shows and movies recommended.

Yellin said that the shakeup is designed to get more viewers to rate what they watch. He added that Netflix hopes the thumbs up, thumbs down system will prompt viewers to think of their own experience instead of rating titles for everyone else.

“What’s more powerful: you telling me you would give five stars to the documentary about unrest in the Ukraine; that you’d give three stars to the latest Adam Sandler movie; or that you’d watch the Adam Sandler movie ten times more frequently?” The Verge quoted Yellin saying. “What you do versus what you say you like are different things.”