‘Damn chicken nuggets’ commissioner pleads guilty to drunk driving

Posted at 4:46 PM, Mar 10, 2017

MONTCALM CO., Mich. — Jeremy Miller, the Montcalm County Commissioner arrested for suspected drunk driving who then blamed "those damn chicken nuggets," pleaded guilty Friday before apologizing to his constituents.

Miller was elected to the county commission in November. He was arrested in December for speeding. Miller was pulled over two blocks from his home.

"I feel bad, I betrayed my wife's trust and we're going to fix that," Miller said.

In the police report detailing his arrest, the officer said Miller smelled like alcohol and was unable to walk a straight line during the field sobriety test. When asked if he knew why he was being arrested, Miller replied, "because I was being stupid," blaming "those damn chicken nuggets."

It's a reply Miller admits was in bad taste, but was meant as a joke.

"That was totally taken out of context," Miller said. "Work has to be done for Montcalm Co. but I think there’s also a time to joke. This is not a joking matter, I’m not saying that. But it was just a comment that was off the wall, it was made to kind of lighten a moment that was going to be severe."

Miller plans on keeping his chair in office, saying he hopes to one day bring trust back to Montcalm County.

"I let my constituents of Montcalm Co. down and I'm going to work to fix their trust," Miller said. "Now we're going to deal with those consequences and we'll move forward."

Operating while visibly impaired by alcohol is a misdemeanor charge with a punishment of up to 90 days in jail. Miller's expected back in court for sentencing at a later date.