94-year-old with 4.0 GPA gets surprise graduation ceremony

Posted at 6:19 AM, Jan 18, 2017

HONOLULU – More than 50 years after she first enrolled, Amy Craton received her college diploma at the age of 94 in a surprise commencement ceremony Monday in Honolulu.

The Hawaiian woman’s determination is that much more impressive considering her GPA – a perfect 4.0, according to Inside Edition. Craton graduated last spring, but wasn’t able to fly to Southern New Hampshire University for the official ceremony.

Craton received her bachelor’s degree in English and creative writing during the ceremony organized by her professors, advisors and other faculty.

“That she came back to it and finished it all these years later inspires everybody,” said SNHU President Paul LeBlanc. “It’s the story of millions of Americans that never finished, life got in the way.”

Craton, originally from New England, started college in 1962 and attended for two years before a divorce from her husband and the needs of four children interrupted her education. Decades later, Craton realized she couldn’t physically return to school but was determined to finish – so she enrolled in SNHU’s online courses.

“I’m trying to live my life to the fullest,” Craton said in a video provided by SNHU.

LeBlanc said if it was anyone other than Amy, he might have been surprised to learn someone in their 90s was embracing such new technology.

“I couldn’t see just sitting there all the time, watching Netflix,” Craton told Inside Edition. “There’s nothing on TV and I don’t watch soaps.”

The college graduate is now pursuing her master’s degree in creative writing and English and hopes to become a children’s author.

“I feel I’m still on the road,” Craton said. “I have more to learn.”