Owner being charged after her dog was shot and killed by neighbor

Posted at 6:44 PM, Jan 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-09 22:38:39-05

HUDSONVILLE, Mich-- A dog owner whose pet was shot and killed over New Year's weekend is being charged for letting the animal run around.

The family of Linda Holmes originally contacted FOX 17, saying their German Shepherd named Sawyer had been shot twice in the head along the property line after wandering into the neighbors' yard.  Holmes did admit it hadn't been the first time the animal left her yard.

"I heard him barking and I kept thinking to myself I better hurry up and get over there," Holmes told FOX 17 on January 2. "I was on my way and I heard the gunfire and the barking stopped. Within a few seconds I heard another gun shot."

Afterwards, the wife of the man accused of shooting the dog came forward, saying the 6-year-old German Shepherd had been a threat to their family and had run onto their property in the past. She also said the dog had bit her husband and scared their grandchildren.

The neighbor told FOX 17 the day the animal was shot, her husband was working in the yard when Sawyer came running at him with his teeth out, and that her husband shot the animal in self defense.

After investigating the situation, Captain Mark Bennett with the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office told FOX 17 that Holmes would be charged for allowing the dog to run 'at large'.  No other charges are being filed in the case.