GoFundMe for victim tortured on Facebook Live raises $75k so far

Posted at 2:42 AM, Jan 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-07 02:42:11-05

CHICAGO — An online fundraising effort to help the mentally disabled victim of a Chicago beating that was broadcast live on Facebook has brought in more than $75,669 so far.

Bartlett Jackson is a regional communications manager with the online fundraising website GoFundMe. He confirms the victim’s family is working directly with the company on the campaign.

Four black suspects are charged with battery, kidnapping and hate crimes in connection to the attack of the white 18-year-old victim. Authorities say the victim was tied up for four to five hours.

Excerpts of a video posted by Chicago media outlets show assailants cutting off his sweatshirt and taunting him.

The GoFundMe campaign called “Let’s show the Chicago victim love” has raised $75,669 from more than 2,652 donors as of Saturday morning.