Light lake effect snow returns

Posted at 9:00 AM, Dec 28, 2016

WEST MICHIGAN-  After a day in the 50s wiped out almost all the snow, we'll get a small batch to replace it in the near future.


Snow showers begin this afternoon and continue into the overnight hours. Expect bands to become less widespread and confined to certain areas in the overnight, dictated by the areas most primed for lake effect snow.


With a steady west wind gusting up to 40 mph at times today, blowing snow may create visibility issues, especially where moderate lake effect bands develop.

That being said, don't expect a whole lot of snow to replace all that has melted over the last several days.  There isn't a whole lot of moisture to work with here, and 4 inch totals would be on the high end.   This is going to vary quite a bit as the lake effect bands will develop.  This system will exit early Friday morning with a few flurries possible as it leaves.