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Help Salvation Army raise $1.6M with the Red Kettles

Posted at 12:58 PM, Dec 12, 2016

When walking around town or running errands, chances are you've seen volunteers from Salvation Army ringing the bell and collecting money for the Red Kettles.

The Kent County Red Kettle is hoping to raise $1.6 million for the year 2016 to provide hope to those in the community who need it most, but they need your help.

Donations received at Christmas are used to fund programs and services provided by the Salvation Army throughout the year.  However, this year the collections from the Red Kettle Buckets are down 25 percent.

The Salvation Army believes the reason donations are down because people to their Christmas shopping online and fewer people go to physical stores and malls during the holidays. They also believe another reason they're down is because people carry less cash.

The Red Kettle Buckets provide a large amount of funding for the Salvation Army's yearly budget, which is why they're asking the community to donate at one out of the 60 kettle sites throughout Kent County.

For more information on Red Kettle sites in your area, or for more information on how you can donate, call (616) 459-3433.

Or if you can't make a donation to a Red Kettle bucket, send money in the mail to 1215 Fulton Street, East Grand Rapids, MI 49503.