Woman who escaped abduction in Thailand is on her way back to West Michigan

Posted at 10:48 AM, Dec 06, 2016

RAVENNA, Mich. — A woman stuck in Thailand after a harrowing abduction is on her way home.

Alex Moore tells FOX 17 that his sister-in-law Alex Fairfield is on a plane out of Thailand as of Tuesday morning.  She is expected back in Grand Rapids Wednesday afternoon.

Relatives say Fairfield went to a bar with her friend Joe after a long day of sightseeing. When he got up and went to the restroom, she said she felt sick and tired. They say the next thing she knew she woke up with her hands bound in an unknown place.

"She was able to loosen the ropes up," Moore said.

According to Fairfield and her family, a man from Thailand law enforcement walked into the room, but he wasn't there to help.

"It wasn't until one of the kidnappers dressed in uniform came into the room and attempted to rape her that she came to her senses," Moore said.

Fairfield told her family she was able to escape from her attacker, jumping from a balcony and then hiding in some bushes for six hours until she could get a taxi back to her hotel. She sent her family pictures of her injuries afterward.

Family contacted media outlets and lawmakers trying to get Fairfield on a plane out of the country on Monday.