Kentwood police officer accused of sending lewd photos

Posted at 11:48 PM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-05 23:48:03-05

KENT COUNTY, Mich. – A Kentwood police officer is facing some serious allegations, accused of sexting and sexually assaulting a woman in Kent County back in 2013.

However, it wasn’t until earlier this year, that a criminal complaint was filed. Prosecutors threw out that sexual assault case due to a lack of evidence. But a newly elected Kent County commissioner is getting involved and demanding answers.

"This is just something that a police officer shouldn't be involved in with a person he met while on the line of duty," says Robert Womack, Kent County Commissioner-elect  for the 17th District.

Womack has been speaking out on social media, saying he’s outraged over the allegations against the officer.

"The officer used his police issued telephone to send nude pictures as well as some lewd comments to a female that he wanted to date," said Womack.

Womack says he’s doing this after the alleged victim contacted him about what happened.

She tells FOX 17 News that the officer began contacting her frequently in 2013, sending her naked pictures from his police department issued cell phone.

"Kind of creepy. You know he was getting off on sending pictures and wanting me to send pictures of myself," said the victim who  didn't want to be named.

She goes on to say the officer used his authority and intimidated her into going on a date with him, and that the met at a hotel bar in Grand Rapids, where she believes he put a date rape drug in her drink.

"And I must have passed back out, and didn't wake up till the next day. And when I woke up the next day, that's when I felt all the pain, " says the victim.

After years of counseling, the victim says she decided to tell police what happened in March of this year, and was upset when the case was thrown out by prosecutors.

"I was really devastated. And like he's still out there. And now that I went forward I don't know what could happen," said Womack.

No criminal charges have been filed for the officer accused of the allegations. But the Kentwood police chief, Tom Hillen says after an internal investigation, they gave that officer a 4 day suspension, for misuse of departmental property.

He also issued a statement to FOX 17:

Kentwood Police Department personnel are sworn to abide by a code of ethics, and we expect our personnel to maintain high standards of conduct and integrity.

The victim says she has sent a letter and police report to the state's Attorney General’s Office.