Officers testify in preliminary hearing for Newaygo Co. murder case

Posted at 3:30 PM, Dec 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-02 20:09:20-05

NEWAYGO, Mich. -- Testimony began Friday in a preliminary hearing for the Marty Duram murder case.   His wife Glenna is accused of killing him in May 2015.

The case has had questions from the beginning.  The couple's neighbor found them lying in their bedroom at home near Sand Lake.

Marty Duram was shot five times, once in the head.  Glenna was also found in the home critically wounded.

After hearing from the neighbor who found the couple, there was testimony from multiple Michigan State Police and firearm experts who found evidence of a struggle in the living room.  Dried blood was found on a love seat, and lying underneath it on the ground they found a .22-caliber revolver.

Experts say the casings found in the home match the revolver.

Another trooper says when he walked into the Durams' bedroom he noticed Glenna was still breathing slightly.

"So at that point I reached out to check a pulse on her and as soon as my fingers touched her skin she jumped up; when I say jumped up I say forward," said MSP Sgt. Gary Wilson.  She yelled out "What are you doing?" or something like that very excited.  I grabbed her arms because I thought she was injured.  At that point, I called for a paramedic."

More testimony from another sergeant discussed three one-page letters addressed to two kids and Glenna's ex-husband that had the words "I'm sorry" written on them.

Investigative documents obtained late last year revealed evidence of frequent arguments between the couple involving gambling debts.   Police believe Glenna killed Marty and then tried to take her own life.

Following her recovery, a competency hearing foundshe was able to stand trialfor her husband's death.

The hearing was adjourned and will resume Dec. 13.