Suspect suffers hypothermia hiding from police in lake

Posted at 5:56 AM, Nov 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 08:30:59-05

EGELSTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- The passenger of a car stopped by Muskegon County deputies was recovered from Wolf Lake after they say he ran into the water while trying to avoid arrest early Tuesday morning.

The sequence of events began when deputies were called to a possible domestic disturbance at 351 N. Michigan Street in Egelston Township, Muskegon County Sheriff Sgt. Eric Ridout told FOX 17.  A vehicle left the address when deputies arrived, but they stopped the car at Sunset Beach. The driver and passenger ran from the vehicle, with the passenger running into the water of Wolf Lake.

Deputies called for a water rescue, and a hovercraft was used to recover the man. He was treated on the scene for hypothermia.

In an odd turn, the deputies found the rear end of the subjects' car was covered with blood, and they located a deer that had been struck. The car that struck the deer -- not the subjects' car -- was found, but not the driver.

The man recovered from the lake had some outstanding misdemeanor warrants and the driver had a suspended license, and investigators are expected to spend some more time sorting everything out.