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Modified workouts keep Get Fit Challenger Angela working hard

Posted at 12:43 PM, Nov 21, 2016

Fox 17 Morning Mix's "I Will Get Fit" challenge continues for it's second year and all of our challengers are working hard to get fit and stick with a healthy lifestyle. The challenge is nearly half over, and all of our contestants are already starting to feel the benefits of getting fit.

Angela Sirotko, our third challenger, is currently training at Norton Shores Fit Body Boot Camp with her personal trainer, Troy Sutton. Angela says that before she started exercising with Fit Body Boot Camp she was always tired and struggled to wake up in the morning, but now she starts the day feeling energetic!

While working out at Norton Shores, Angela wasn't able to do the original exercises that Fit Body Boot Camp has for their participants. So Troy was able to modify the exercises to Angela's needs and abilities, and she continues to make progress in her journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Leigh Ann went to visit Angela at Norton Shores to try out her modified exercises.

Don't be intimidated just because "boot camp" is in the gym name. Classes at Fit Body Boot Camp are only 30 minutes long, so it's easy to fit in a class even with a busy schedule.

Workouts are also high intensity, so they're designed to burn body fat and build muscle. Even if the exercises are modified, you'll still work with all the same muscles as the regular workout, but at a lower intensity.

Trainers at Fit Body Boot Camp encourage first timers to try their three day free trial. The workout may look intimidating at first, but once you finish you'll want to come back!

Norton Shores Fit Body Boot Camp is located at 6515 Schamber Drive. To schedule an appointment with them, call (231) 766-8629.