Ceremony at Grandville church honors police

Posted at 5:24 PM, Nov 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-17 17:31:45-05

GRANDVILLE, Mich. -- Hundreds of women and children gathered at Resurrection Life Church in Grandville this morning to thank local law enforcement for what they do every day: Protecting and serving the communities they live in.

More than 50 officers from fifteen different departments in Kent and Ottawa counties -- including Michigan State Police -- were there to accept the display of gratitude.

"It really does feel good to know that other people care about you and are praying for you," says Ana Stevens of the Wyoming Police Department. "It is rough out there right now. There can be a lot of bad media attention. People tend to dwell on that. They don't always see the good that we do for the community."

The Women's Impact Group at Resurrection Life Church organized the ceremony, which included a skit and musical from the church's kids, special thanks and prayers from church leaders, a banner ceremony and refreshments.

"We're thanking them for the courage it takes to do their job, and the standards they set for their job," says Jennifer Franson, volunteer coordinator for the event.

Even though police often get negative attention at the national level, officers we spoke with today say they feel that's not the case in West Michigan.

"I do believe so," says Captain Richard Roberts of the Kentwood Police Department. "I think in West Michigan, this area, we're blessed with the support of our communities in light of everything else that goes on around the country."

The ceremony concluded with coffee and refreshments, which offered a chance for community members to meet police and thank them in person.