Spectrum Health honors veterans with several ceremonies

Posted at 7:37 PM, Nov 11, 2016

EAST GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Every year, Spectrum Health honors all of the men and women who served our country with several ceremonies at its facilities around Grand Rapids.

Seth Wolk, president of the Spectrum Health Medical Group said, "Veterans have made a sacrifice that, frankly, very few of us in our society make."

He added, "They keep us safe. They allow us to stay in our bed warm and safe at night when they're in a distant land. So we feel we have a tremendous obligation to recognize their service and their family's sacrifice as well."

Sergeant Matthew Cruz, a Spectrum Health security policeman, participated in the ceremony. He's on the honor guard with the Michigan National Guard.

"Veterans day to me really means for all the sacrifices that people before me have done. I'm probably just going to try and be half the man my dad was. My dad raised me up in a military lifestyle, and I always just wanted to be like him," Cruz said.

Sergeant Alisa Young, of the Michigan Army National Guard said, "Past veterans of the United States - the armed forces - they don't get the thanks that I do on an everyday basis, because I do where this uniform everyday."

Staff Sergeant Danielle Montag said, "We've also just recently started expanding that. So we're really getting into motivating our employees to get involved for Veterans Day and also we're reaching out and touching the patients and making sure that they're recognized for their service and their time."

Montag said she's a product of the Veteran Explorers Program at Spectrum Health and is now in charge of Veteran Services for the hospital.

The Explorers Program is a 30 week internship that aims to help unemployed and underemployed veterans in the area. It's designed to help them gain skills and with job placement. If you interested in learning more, click here for Spectrum Health's website or call 866.989.7999.