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3 helpful apps for parents with young kids

Posted at 1:50 PM, Nov 11, 2016

With working parents, the job isn't over after an eight hour shift. Luckily there's some apps that can help with the kids, even for the smallest of tasks.

Chore Bank

When the kids are finally old enough to get an allowance, it can be hard to keep track of who's done what and how much they've earned.

With the Chore Bank, it allows parents to create a virtual bank account for each child.

Parents can set up a chore list and even assign a value to each chore. When a kid has done a chore, parents can check it off, and a dollar amount will be added to the bank account.

The app can be used for more than just chores too! If they've done something extra or need some money, parents can keep track of their balance from the app.

This app is only available for iPhone.

Screen Time App Companion

Need some assistance to manage the kids' screen time? The Screen Time Companion App allows parents to set a daily time limit for certain apps, so they don't have to keep telling the kids to get off the tablet.

Not only that, but parents can choose to block apps according to the time, so game apps can be blocked at bed time, but still allow reading apps until it's time for lights out.

There's even a cool feature to keep track of how much time the kids have been spending on apps.

The app is free on Google Play.

Kids Eat Free

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's hard to find time to make meals for the kids.

Eating out all the time can get expensive, especially when the kids only take two bites and are full. With the Kids Eat Free app, parents can instantly find restaurants in the area where kids can eat for free.

The results can be filtered by mileage, city, zip code, and days of the week.

If a deal is no longer available, it'll be flagged. Plus if parents see a deal for a restaurant that's not in the database, they can add it to help other busy parents.

The app is available on the iTunes Store and Google Play.