President Obama campaigns for Clinton in Ann Arbor

Posted at 9:45 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-07 21:53:54-05

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — President Barack Obama was at the University of Michigan Monday stumping for his potential successor, Hillary Clinton.

Students waited in mile-long lines, for hours, before the event began. When the gates opened they poured into Fisher Stadium and cheered on the 44th president the moment he took the stage.

"We’ve got a chance to continue to make history tomorrow," said Obama to the crowd of 7,500 people. "Now think about where we were eight years ago? I just realized some of you were like 10."

Obama encouraged the students to get out and vote for Clinton Tuesday to ensure the country continues to move forward. Eight years ago, the United States was in the worst recession since the Great Depression, he said. Thousands of people were out of work and didn't have healthcare. Now, the president says the country's rebounded and the Affordable Care Act has provided 20 million people healthcare.

"We saw an auto industry that was flat on its back, roar its way back to break new records," said Obama. "Brought the unemployment rate in Michigan below the national average."

Obama talked about college debt skyrocketing for students, and said Clinton has a thorough plan to reduce college debt and lower interest rates.

"I've seen a slight rise since I've been here at the university," said student Christopher McClendon. "Finding different ways and sources of revenue so students don’t have to pay as much is definitely something that resonates closely with me."

It was McClendon's first time seeing the president speak live. He said he was inspired by his speech and felt that it motivated other students to vote for Clinton over Donald Trump.

"Do not be bamboozled," Obama told the crowd.  "Do not fall for the 'Okie doke.'  In his 70 years on earth, the Donald hasn't shown any regard for the working folks."

Obama said Trump is not qualified to take his place in the Oval Office.  The president spoke at length about Trump's desire to move jobs out of Michigan and increase taxes for the working class. Obama added that his views on women and other minorities and other ethnic groups make him temperamentally unfit to run the country. So he once again encouraged the students to go out and vote for Hillary to ensure Trump remains out of the White House.

"I hope that Hillary Clinton wins Michigan and hopefully the whole election and becomes the president of the United States," said 13-year-old Abdullah Jaffer. "She’s way better than Donald Trump and she knows what to do for this country."