Friday night lights coming to the Big Ten starting in 2017

Posted at 7:17 PM, Nov 02, 2016

CHICAGO, Illinois — The Big Ten will play 6 games on Friday nights starting next year according to the Chicago Tribune.  They will play 3 non-conference games and 3 conference games in September and October.

The larger stadiums like Ohio State and Penn State will not host Friday night games and the University of Michigan will not play home or away games on Friday’s.

“Michigan is not scheduled to appear in a Friday night football games. We fully support the Big Ten’s scheduling decisions as well as conference peers who are able to play on Friday nights. With our large fan base, Michigan fans and alumni travel significant distances to attend games, making Saturdays our preferred day for all football games”  Michigan Athletic Director Warde Manuel said in a statement released by the University.

Friday night lights are usually reserved for high school football teams especially in the Midwest.  The Michigan High School Athletic Associated is not pleased with this decision by the Big Ten.

“We are saddened by this decision. We had hoped that the Big Ten Conference would stay above this. We think this cheapens the Big Ten brand,” MHSAA Executive Director Jack Roberts said in statement. “Fans won’t like this. Recruits won’t like this. And high school football coaches won’t like this.”

“We are grateful that Michigan State University and the University of Michigan are trying to minimize the effects of this decision by the Big Ten. But overall, this is just the latest step by major college athletics in the pursuit of cash that is just crushing high school sports” Roberts said.