Correction: Grand Rapids pizza delivery driver not asked to repay after robbery

Posted at 1:11 PM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-01 13:11:13-04

FOX 17 – We want to correct a story that we first told you about Monday night about a Domino’s pizza delivery employee who was robbed in Grand Rapids this week.

We initially reported that the delivery driver was asked to pay $20 back to the company after being robbed.  Ronnie Asmar, Operations Director with STA Management (a Domino’s franchisee), tells us that company policy states that delivery drivers must pay money back to the company if they are robbed while carrying more than $20 during deliveries.  He says drivers are instructed for their own safety to return cash to the store after each delivery when they are in possession of more than $20.

Although he confirms that this employee was carrying more than $20 at the time of the robbery, he says that this particular driver was not forced to pay money back.  Although Asmar confirmed this company policy in an interview, he says they actually never ask drivers to pay money back after being robbed.  While reporting this story, we inadvertently interpreted that company policy was enforced in each case, but later learned that that did not happen with the October 29th robbery in Grand Rapids.

We cleared this up with STA Management and apologize for the miscommunication in our reporting.