Holland man facing life in prison for sexual relations with 11-year old girl

Posted at 9:07 PM, Sep 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-27 23:11:19-04

HOLLAND, Mich.-- A 911 call from a phone repair shop in Holland is now leading to felony charges for a man police say sexually assaulted an 11-year old girl.

The allegations are disturbing: recording sexual acts taking place over an eight month time frame.

According to police, Lowell Charles, 56, turned his phone in for repairs and an employee spotted what he believed to be child pornography on the phone. Police moved quick to get a warrant and make an arrest.

That Metro P.C.S. worker helped lead police to Charles. Police would learn the photos and videos were recorded at a separate home in Holland. Neighbors nearby say they noticed something seemed off and now wish they'd done something to stop it.

"I noticed just strange stuff going on across the road," said a neighbor wishing to remain anonymous. "I knew something was up, but I thought it was none of my business. He would show up with young girls. It just sickens me, that's all I can say. It really sickens me."

Police believe Charles sexually abused the child over the course of eight months. A notebook was found in his home with writing admitting to the assaults. At one point, Charles wrote, "There's a video, but it doesn't show my face."

"It hurts my heart and it hurts my soul," said the neighbor. "People don't do that. It's not right."

Charles has no prior arrests in Michigan. He is currently out on bond, but did not answer the door when FOX 17 went to his home. Neighbors near his home say Charles was a quiet man who kept to himself.

"We always wondered about him because he was always not very neighborly," said another neighbor wishing to remain anonymous. "He wasn't mean or anything, but he just kept to himself. We wondered what was going on. He's living across the street from us. That's very unsettling."

Charles faces several felonies in this case including first degree criminal sexual conduct which carries a possible life sentence if he's convicted. Charles will be back in court on October 5 for a probable cause conference.