Helping daughters left behind after mother’s alleged murder

Posted at 10:46 PM, Sep 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-25 22:46:59-04

MUSKEGON, Mich.-- A tavern in Muskegon County was packed Sunday afternoon to help the family of Barbie Dailey. Dailey, a mother of three, died from head trauma and cuts to the throat earlier this month allegedly at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.

Friends and family of Dailey aren't letting her be forgotten. They're keeping her memory alive, raising money for memorial costs and setting up college funds for the daughters she left behind.

The crowd packed into the Skeetown Tavern on Sunday afternoon with one goal in mind.

"It's to honor Barbie and to keep her in our memories and to make sure that these three little girls are going to be taken care of and started a fund for," said Brenda Cook, Barbie's aunt.

Just three weeks after Barbie's death her family is working hard, holding a raffle and silent auction on Sunday, raising money to make sure her three young girls have a bright future.

"We want to help them so they're able to go to college when they're older and make a life for themselves so we're really trying really hard for them cause they're the most important thing now," said Wendy Varela, Barbie's mother.

Family and friends are keeping Dailey's kids in their thoughts as they deal with emotions that are still raw.

"I want her to come back, I want her to come home and I know I'm never going to see her again," said Varela. "I'm always going to have her in my heart and I'm never going to not think about her."

Ribbons were worn to remember Barbie; lime green was her favorite color, but the ribbons were mixed with purple to honor victims of domestic violence.

"We have this whole community coming together and different friends and families and people that didn't even know Barbie wanting to help out," said Jennifer, Barbie's cousin. "It's been emotional because we've never had to do something like this before."

"I think Barbie's really happy," said Varela. "She's been watching over all of us and her girls, it's just wonderful to think that she's watching over us," said Varela.

Barbie's friends and family plan on attending a vigil for all victims of domestic violence coming up on October 6. As for Barbie's alleged killer, Josh Salyers, he appeared in court this past week where he pleaded not guilty.