Local Trump supporter says yard signs egged, vandalized

Posted at 6:47 PM, Sep 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-02 18:47:00-04

HESPERIA, Mich. -- Patrick Pawlik's front yard is full of political signs, including homemade signs. The Hesperia man said he's exercising his first amendment rights to inform passersby.

"Hilary kills and the truth, Trump builds," Pawlik read two of his signs.

He said, "Maybe if they don't know, they'll get somewhat educated."

But Pawlik said someone's tried to Trump that on three different occasions. He said several eggs have been thrown at his signage. Some of the eggshells are still on the ground. Pawlik said someone even knocked one sign down by breaking the original posts.

Pawlik stated, "We were all kids once. I'm not saying I threw eggs or toilet paper or anything like that or shaving cream."

He continued, "But when you throw eggs at signs that's one thing. But when you come in and start throwing eggs at our garage, at our vehicles, at our signs, you're damaging property, and that's uncalled for."

He's not alone. News reports highlight Trump supporters from around the country who've complained about stolen and damaged signs, including a Captain America-inspired Trump sign stolen out of a World War II veteran's yard in the Detroit-area.

Pawlik is fed up and working to secure his property. He bought touch-sensitive alarms, motion sensors, and security cameras.

"Spent hundreds of dollars!" he said.

Pawlik said he and his wife are even taking turns sleeping in a tent to protect their rights.

"Every time they damage our signs, we'll build a new one. We'll keep doing it," he said.

Pawlik said he hasn't filed a police report yet but said he if catches someone in the act he'll press charges.