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Spectrum Health- Taking Care of your Mental Health

Posted at 11:27 AM, Jun 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 11:25:01-04

Staying fit is important for a healthy lifestyle, but mental health is just as important.

Dr. Jared Skillings, the Chief of Behavioral Medicine with Spectrum Health, says that only 50 percent of people who are diagnosed with a psychological disorder get treatment. That's why Spectrum Health Medical Group has a team of expert psychologists, psychiatrists, and clinical social workers to partner with your primary care physician to help with behavioral health problems.

Physicians cannot do everything; neither can psychologists. But working together as a health system, they can treat a person’s mind, body and spirit.

Behavioral health is known for changing lives, but getting the help needed to improve mental health can save lives.

Spectrum Health's Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine is located at 2750 East Beltline Avenue NE in Grand Rapids.

If you think you have behavioral health problems, contact your primary health care provider. For more information, you can call (616) 447-5820.