Sonogram shows couple is having a… baby car?

Posted at 12:05 PM, Jun 16, 2016

St. Charles, Mo. – A pregnant woman from St. Charles, Missouri, recently had a sonogram that shows she having a… car?

Even though the ultrasound tech didn’t immediately see it, there’s little doubt to others that the sonogram image resembles a vehicle, and social media users began weighing in on what type of car it is.

If you’re the type of person who sees faces in clouds or the Virgin Mary in grilled cheese, then you’ll see the car. But what kind is it?

The ultrasound tech didn’t see it.”I said, ‘That looks like a sports car.’ She’s like ‘what?’, said Mike Roberts, the dad, about the sonogram tech.

Mike thinks the baby is a Bugatti, one of the world’s most expensive cars.

“We know it’s a boy car,” said Reena Roberts, his wife.

The couple is from St. Charles, Mo., and were so amused by the picture that they posted it to Reddit. Since then, they’ve received a lot of good and bad jokes about their baby ‘car’ on social media.

“Just remember to tell your wife when she’s delivering to make sure to give it one last Porsche (laughter).”

Then there’s “The all-new Ford Fetus.”

and “So that’s where cars come from.”

The picture is actually an image of the baby’s thigh bone being measured.