Woman’s terrifying highway experience turns out to be cruel hoax

Posted at 8:38 AM, Jun 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-15 08:38:37-04

WEST QUINCY, Ill. – What’s the scariest thing you can imagine encountering while driving down a dark highway?

Jordan Law, of Quincy, Illinois, saw something terrifying Monday night while driving with her young daughter – only to later find out it was just a cruel hoax.

Law told KHQA she was driving through West Quincy when she saw what looked like two bodies lying by the side of the road.  First she called 911, then she got out to try and help the motionless pair.

Suddenly, the two got up and started running towards her.  “I get back in the car, lock the doors, and continue to talk to the police … the officer told me to take off because I was most likely getting baited!”

She rushed home and jumped on Facebook to warn other drivers about the experience she had just had.

“DO NOT PULL OVER FOR PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF WEST QUINCY,” she wrote.  “I’ve never been more shaken up in my life!!!  I cannot wait to hear if they found them or not and I hope everyone is ok!”

After posting the warning, Law received thousands of shares – and one strange message. A boy wrote her on Facebook claiming he was one of the two she had seen lying beside the road.

“Supposedly they were ‘playing dead’ for a laugh and to try and scare people.  They definitely succeeded,” Law wrote.  “I’m glad this was not a malicious situation, and hopefully this won’t be a ‘joke’ they do again.”

Law says she has contacted police about the boy’s apology; no charges have been filed in the case as of Tuesday afternoon.