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Dad Hacks- Toilet Paper and Indoor Hammocks

Posted at 11:47 AM, Jun 13, 2016

Toilet Paper Consumption

When the kids need to go, they gotta go, but sometimes they don't know how much toilet paper is too much. This turns dad into "Captain Plungerman," and he's literally flushing money down the toilet.

To make sure that your kids aren't wasteful, just make a small sign and put it under the toilet paper roll. You can make the sign out of paper, stickers, duct tape, or anything else you can find around the house.

This will remind the kids of how much paper should be enough to take care of cleanup.

Bed Sheet Hammock

Do the kids want to lay around in a hammock, but you just don't have any sturdy trees in your yard to make it happen?

Dad can save the day and make an indoor hammock instead, no trees required.

All you need is a big bed sheet, a table, and creativity.

Just tie the ends of the bed sheet together tightly over the table, and you've got yourself a hammock for your little one. Just make sure those sheets are securitly tied before you put your kid inside, and don't have it hang too high off the ground.