Teen becomes poster child for hard work after training regimen picture goes viral

Posted at 3:31 PM, Jun 10, 2016

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – An Indiana teen who was just trying to make his high school football team is now the poster child for hard work and determination after a photo of him went viral.

Earl Davis, of Fort Wayne, was heading to a job interview Tuesday morning when he saw a boy running while dragging two tires held together by a chain.

Davis was curious about what he was doing, so he stopped to ask him. The boy, named Demarco, said he was training to make his high school football team. He created the tire pull with his dad last year, and he’s been running with it every single morning.

Davis, who coaches football for Metro Youth Sports, told Demarco that he could train with his players, and Demarco was excited about that.

Davis took a picture of Demarco and posted his story to Facebook. The picture quickly went viral and it had over 30,000 shares in less than two days.

Since the story went viral, a Go Fund Me account was set up so he could receive proper training equipment. Over $6,000 has been raised in the past two days. Davis says the money will go toward training, school expenses, and workout gear for Demarco and his two brothers.

Davis says the attention Demarco has been getting online hasn’t affected his demeanor at all. “He’s just the same person. Still focused as ever,” Davis told FOX59. Davis said that in fact, Demarco didn't want to accept the money because he thought it should go to kids that are less fortunate.

Davis worked out a deal with AWP Sports and Demarco and his brothers will receive a year of pro-style training. Thursday was the first day of their training.