Group continues to push for justice in Erik Cross cold case

Posted at 10:54 PM, May 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-19 23:15:58-04

KALAMAZOO, Mich. -- A communal push for justice for Erik Cross, the 16-year-old boy found dead outside his parents' home more than 30 years ago, continues as friends and family rallied for a night of support at Sweetwater's in Kalamazoo.

Supporters helped spread awareness Thursday night by handing out posters, flyers, and bumper stickers telling Cross' story.   Pam Roman said that even after 32 years, the "Erik Cross army" is stronger than ever in their pursuit for justice.

"Every time we do this, new tips come in, so we’ll keep doing it until the case is solved," said Roman.

Investigators say on the morning of June 26, 1983, Erik was seen leaving a party at a friend's house in Vicksburg, less than a mile from his home. A few hours later, Erik's father would find his son's body on the side of the road as he went to pick up the morning newspaper.

"It means a lot and it means I want justice for the family, and they’ve waited a long time," Roman said. "So I’m just trying to help out and get justice."

Erik's family believes he ran into a group of teens walking home from the party the night before he was found dead. Investigators would later say, "foul play involving a rope" ultimately led to the 16-year-old's death.

Investigators started meeting in late March with prosecutors about all the findings they'd gathered in recent years.

FOX 17 was told by the under sheriff that those meetings continue weekly and that police are making sure they have all their findings air tight, because they only have one shot to prosecute any possible suspects.