Basketball fundraiser Saturday for Otsego mother battling fatal disease

Posted at 10:39 PM, Mar 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-12 11:24:40-05

OTSEGO, Mich., - Organizers are hoping to fill Otsego High School's gymnasium Saturday night in support of a mother diagnosed with a deadly brain disease.

Val Davis, a mother of four, was diagnosed in the fall with Creutzfeldt Jakob's Disease. The rare and deadly disease affects approximately one person in every one million worldwide according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders.

"She started having episodes where she would fall, loose her balance, and just not be feeling herself. The family got concerned and we basically started doing tests and going to different doctors," said Trevor Davis, Val's oldest son.

It didn't take long following a spinal tap procedure in early November of 2015 would reveal what no family wants to hear.

"They told us basically to pray for cancer because it was the only one of the three (diagnosis) that was treatable," said Trevor. "Once that happened we kind of hunkered down, took it by the horns, and became all concerned with mom and keeping the last of the good memories alive."

Despite her diagnosis, Val remained on the sidelines of her children's games.  She was known for being the loudest voice in the stands.

"Over everyone at the Palace of Auburn Hills, my mom was the one person I could hear over top of my match. The announcers talking doing play by play and move by move, and they could hear my mom over everyone screaming and yelling for me," Trevor said.

Once the news of Val's diagnosis spread, the community of Otsego knew something had to be done.

Madison Secord is on Otsego High School's student council. She, with the help of other Otsego High students on the council, organized a basketball game to be held in Val's honor. Current varsity boy's and girl's players at Otsego High School will play alumni on Saturday night.

"The community really likes to come out for our sports team, so we thought why not give Val a basketball game. We wanted to do an alumni game so we all just came together. It was the perfect thing to do," said Secord.

A sports fan herself, Val will be in attendance at Saturday night's game.

"It’s overwhelming to know alright we have an alumni basketball game now in her in honor that she is going to be able to go watch. I grew up wrestling, I get to play in this game now, my cousins are going to be able to play in this game," said Trevor.

The family, overwhelmed by love and support from this community, something that's giving them strength.

"It's 100 percent for Val, to be there for them and have the community show how much we truly love them. We want to help them as much as we can," said Secord.

The basketball game begins at 7 p.m. inside the Otsego High School gymnasium located at 550 Washington Street in Otsego, admission is by donation.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help the family with medial costs associated with Val's diagnosis.