Man charged in Tanger spying case has history of CSC, indecent exposure

Posted at 10:38 AM, Mar 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-09 18:25:09-05

BYRON CENTER, Mich. - The Jenison man accused of spying on a woman in a dressing room at the Tanger Outlet Mall has a criminal history of sexual assault and indecent exposure.

Jeffrey Lafonta Green was charged this week with surveilling an unclothed person, using a computer to commit a crime and eavesdropping, according to the Kent County Sheriff’s Department. Investigators say a woman was in a fitting room at H&M March 4 when she saw a cell phone being held over the wall.

She yelled and employees confronted Green.  He reportedly denied doing anything wrong and left. The woman's husband got Green's license number and called police.

According to court records, Green was sentenced in 1996 to 15-50 years in prison for Criminal Sexual Conduct, 1st degree.  He pleaded guilty to that crime and a Felony Firearm charge.

After release from prison, Green was charged in 2014 for misdemeanor indecent exposure charges. He pleaded no contest to that charge and was sentenced to jail for 12 months and probation.  Then, in 2015, he was arrested in Grandville again for indecent exposure.  That case was still pending.

Court records do not show how long Green served in prison for his convictions.