Leap year twins: ‘Just another birthday to me’

Posted at 11:25 PM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 23:25:21-05

IONIA COUNTY, Mich. -- The Dykert twins are six years old going on 28. The brothers were born on Leap Day. Justin and Jeffrey turned 7seven years old, and it only gets more confusing when they're told to act their age.

"I get a lot of grief from my son," said Justin Dygert. "He’s 10 and like, ‘Dad, I’m older than you.'"

"You make a comment about something and they’ll say, ‘You’re not even old enough to do that yet.'" said Jeffrey.

Justin's son didn't hesitate to offer his insight on the matter either. "I feel weird having a younger dad," he said.

"I get teased a lot, having a husband who's only seven," Stephanie Dygert, Justin's wife said of the feedback she receives about her husband's birth date.

All joking aside, the twins said they are really still young at heart.

"Fast cars, and engines, lead bogs, and all that stuff," said Jeffrey, "something we've always loved, and something we'll love until the day we die."

Justin and Jeffrey finally celebrated their Leap Day birthday together for the first time since they turned four, which was when they were 16.

Justin expressed gratitude towards his family on their very special day but had trouble putting the numbers together. "I’m just glad to have my whole family and get to spend my 29th birthday … together instead of me in my own world … 28th … what? 28th … birthday … yeah… seventh birthday - 28th."

Keeping track of age can be difficult, even for these birthday boys. That's because the earth doesn't revolve around the sun 365 days a year. An extra day is added in every four years to keep the calendar in sync astronomically.

"Just another birthday to me," Jeffrey added.