Dozens of puppies available for adoption in Newaygo Co.

Posted at 11:07 PM, Feb 28, 2016

NEWAYGO, Mich. — Nearly two dozen puppies arrived at the Lake Haven Animal Rescue on Sunday, and now they're looking for happy new homes.

The 19 puppies, along with six cats, were transferred from a shelter in Georgia where they were facing euthanasia, according to the director at Lake Haven Cheryl McCloud.

“We try to go wherever the need is, and we try to help as we can," McCloud told FOX 17.

The shelter stepped in to take the animals because the Georgia area is simply overrun with them, and most are only held for four days before being euthanized, McCloud said.

“They euthanize very quickly there due to the fact there’s a lot, there’s not good spay and neuter programs," she said. “They don’t have much of a chance there.”

McCloud said the spay and neuter programs in Newyago County are superior, which is why puppies are so difficult to come by in the area.

“If there were puppies here in any of my surrounding shelters in West Michigan I would take those," she said. "There aren’t any, so we took the puppies from them because they’re going to kill them. It makes no sense to let them die there when I don’t have any.”

Interested in adopting? Check out the Lake Haven website here.