Unhappy with haircut, woman allegedly tries to shoot barber

Posted at 10:54 PM, Feb 15, 2016

SAN DIEGO -- A California woman apparently upset about her haircut returned to a barber shop and attempted to shoot the barber, according to police.

Adrian Blanche Swain, 29, got a haircut around 9:30 a.m on Wednesday. She returned to the barber shop three hours later complaining about her haircut, San Diego police Sgt. Ray Battrick told KSWB.

The woman pulled out a gun, tried to pull the trigger three times, but the gun jammed, police said.

"The gun had bullets but malfunctioned,'' Battrick said.

The barber and another person wrestled the woman to the ground and were able to get the gun out of her hand, police said.

"She messed it up with some straight razors... she erased everything I did, messed it up with a razor took it all off... and then she came in and said 'Look what you did to my hair!'" the barber told KSWB.

Swain was arrested and faces charges of attempted murder.