Worst ‘Family Feud’ contestant ever? Woman keeps repeating answers

Posted at 11:45 AM, Feb 09, 2016

There’s no doubt Family Feud host Steve Harvey has seen his share of characters on his show, but this contestant may have outdone them all.

Harvey is calling this moment from a recent taping of Family feud, “The greatest television that won’t be seen.”

The category was “other ways to say mother.”

A contestant named Cecilia answered “nana” but, unfortunately, that wasn’t on the board.

Then it was Sheila’s turn. She then looked at Harvey and guessed “nana.”

Harvey poked fun at her, saying she was simply pronouncing “nana” in a different way.

When Harvey gave her another attempt, Sheila answered with a different pronunciation of “mommy,” which was already on the board.

Harvey then looks at the woman and says, “OK, let me ask y’all something. Y’all crazy? Y’all think you can take all these words that are the same and just say them different because you want to?”

He then rattled off a list of different ways to pronounce “nana” and “mommy.”